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Dealing with COVID-19 while planning your wedding

Farrever After Events

The regulations for having weddings during COVID-19 varies from state to state and sometimes by city. Farrever After Events serves the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas and stays up to date on all COVID policies for those states.

FAE also works closely with the couple's chosen venue on their specific COVID policies and will also abide by those guidelines.


FAE staff may choose to be wearing a mask/PPE during meetings, rehearsals and weddings.


Communication with your guests is key so they know what to expect from your wedding. Most communication is done through emails so your guests can stay up to date and flexible with RSVPs, venue policies and your specific desires for your guests. 


Observing social distancing when possible, making mask/sanitizer favors, having less guests per table, hosting some/most of the event outdoors, utilizing ZOOM platforms for those who can't attend are all great options for creating a safe and enjoyable wedding for your loved ones.

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